Monday, August 8, 2011

Some photos of things that make me smile.....I owe my sense of taste to my mom and aunt Lynn

I love a beautiful fall day....spent in the backyard with a large stone firplace and surrounding woods.

I love ancient, forgotten buildings...this picture of the Earth reclaiming the land from this once magnificent stone building..

I love how this looks like a magical entrance to somewhere...the lights give it a warm glow and a sense of safety from a cold and harsh outside.

A beautiful room in a Seaside or Lakeside home...with large windows and spectacular views.  I love the neutral walls, transomes above the windows to allow for the most possible light and the light wooden floors. 
And here's another view of the room....also love the arched doorway and niche as well as the fireplace!

Books, books and more books!  Need I say more?

Another gorgeous room...with large,arched, multi paned windows and the warmth of stone walls!  Just lovely!

Another old building...possibly a church.  The gothic arched doorway and well worn stone steps are brought to life with the purple leaves surrounding it...just magical!

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