Sunday, August 28, 2011

Home from Camp Good Grief

 Top and bottom picture are Sunday....Alex and Gabe waiting outside the cabin for Peter and me to arrive for the picture presentation of the weekend!
With lots of good memories and experiences, the kids came home today from Camp!  They both ate a bug.....and received badges for it! 
Alex walking through a field to go to the memorial tree planting ceremony which closes out the weekend.  I LOVE seeing the leaves on the ground....fall is already in the air! Below is a distant view of the lake at Camp Potawatami.  Such a beautiful enough and warm enough to be perfect!

 Above is the main hall/dining area where they ate their meals....called to meals with, of course, the traditional bell on a pole.  Below are the various stuffed animal heads in the Dining Hall which Gabe was so excited to show to Peter and me.

And here's a picture of the dining hall!

Chillaxin' on the porch of the Dining Hall....beautiful Adirondack chairs!

 Peter admiring the view of the lake from the porch of the Dining Hall.
The picture directly above is the firepit where the kids held their candle ceremony to commemorate their deceased loved one.
Saying good bye to Camp until next year....actually, for Alex, until next month when she'll return with her fellow 5th graders for another weekend camp.

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