Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Learning something new every day!

I just learned how to customize the header on my blog using FotoFlexer!  I wanted to change the look to something a bit more fallish!  (yep, by the end of August, I'm soooo ready for Fall). 
Also, I'm learning a new job.  I started this week at the local YMCA as a before and after school caregiver.  Gabe and Alex will come this evening (after school) to spend some time with me.  Besides getting to come to the program for free, some of the benefits are a free Y membership for me, and only paying 1.96/week for the kids to be members!!!!  I think I'm going to like this job....a few hours each moring, home by 9am and two days a week I work from 3:30 til 6:00.   Not too bad!!!!  I'll get a pic. of the building on here soon!

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