Saturday, August 27, 2011

Off to Camp Good Grief!

Well, Peter and I took the kids to Camp Potawatami this evening.  They'll spend the next day and a half there where the theme is "Fear Factor".....complete with the opportunity to face fears and eat a bug! 
They are so excited, too.  When we were loading up the car to leave, Gabe asked me if Peter was coming, too.  When I told him he was, he got excited and said, "good, I like it when we do family things together"!  I love that little guy....and I love my family.

Top picture is Gabe and Alex entering their camp building.  And the second pic. is Allie on her top bunk!

Gabe also got a top bunk and the bottom pic. is both kids on Gabe's bunk.  They each received backbacks with "survival" candy and a disposable camera for picture taking!  Pizza for supper and then some fun activities before movies/popcorn and then bed.  Tomorrow will be a full day of fun!

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