Sunday, June 12, 2011

WOW....guess blogging last year was a 'fail'... it's been ten months and I haven't written anything else!  Why?  Well, I mostly forgot I started it and when I did think about it I forgot the name of my blog....geesh!
What's happened?  Well, I've decided to restart because a lot of things I post on FaceBook, are bloggy-type things, so thought I'd find my blog and see what happens! 
Also, I'd like to post some drawing here for people who want to use my images in their own crafts/artwork.....
And lastly, I've come to admit I'm ADD....very easily distracted, poor follow through (duh) and always losing things....hmmmm. I've decided to see my doctor to talk about medication.
Well, hope to be back before next summer!

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