Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's not easy being green.....

Yep, it's NOT....I'm all about recycling, upcycling and reusing things....SO, when it came time to fix the old orange wheelbarrow that I've had for years and years, there was no question that I'd just by new handles and continue to use it!  
Oh, easier said than done.  Yep, needed the hubs to help....OK, he did pretty much everything (that's why I love him so much...not one complaint or cuss word out of him).  He had to first chisel the wood from the handles from around the bolts because the nuts were so rusted on they wouldn't budge.  THEN, we had to hack saw the bolts in half to salvage the metal pieces we still needed to put Big Bertha back together again.  (yes, her name is Big Bertha)!  Ok, so 5 hours later, which included a trip to Lowe's to acquire more bolts, nuts and a drill bit to make holes in the handles....................arrrrrgggggg, she was done and good as new.  Yep, I'm pretty proud of being 'green'!  (and I'm very proud of my patient, smart, and handy husband!  Thanks, Peter!)

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