Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning to Blog....

I cannot believe how difficult it is to learn how to put together a blog....I have spent so much time just reading about my options and trouble shooting layout problems.....arrrrrggggg!  Anyway, had an eventful day full of kids and friends of kids!!!!  Below is an example of what I saw today at the splash park I took Gabe and Alex and 2 of Alex's friends to:
Giant Mastiff and his owner liked the cool water, too!

Young Amish girls playing in the water, long dresses and all!  They seemed to have a great time....and as you can see in the last pic....loved the Mastiff, too! (OK, you can't see the dog, but he's there!)
                              Alex waving to momma (Holly - friend - is behind her in black swimsuit)

                                        Allie filling a milk jug with water to throw on Gabe.....

                             Holly with an empty Folger's 'can'....looking for Gabe to throw water on....
Gabe having fun at the splash park....I have no idea why he wore a long sleeved shirt!!! Knuckle head.

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