Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I just love this picture....I found it on Pinterest.  Reminds me of a favorite childhood book, "Snowy" about a large white horse and a little girl!

Jolly contemplating the winter solstice with my stag candle.

Jolly meditating on Yule.  He's so deep.

My private homage to winter...evergreens, candle with stag and a tasty glass of Baily's Irish Cream.

Kristina and Alex making a free giftcard holder at Archiver's.

Brittany and Alex walking to the mall (Barnes & Noble, specifically) before Christmas. Alex also got a Build A Bear and some clothing for the Bear!  We had a great time.  New love???? Strawberry-banana Orange Julius!

One more Jolly/Solstice Altar pic.....looks like he's weaving some magic!!!!

Peter's grandaughter, Emma, opening a present for Christmas.

My beautiful children.  Taken the day Brittany and Kristina were leaving to go back to Des Moines.  We had a great time... and I mis them so much.

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  1. You've got four lovely kids there!!

    Love the pics of Jollly and the candle. That stag candle holder is gorgeous.